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Here is another installment of “From the Front Lines”. Basically it is a collection of random thoughts related to preparedness, current events, and whatever else that’s on my mind.

Sorry I have been a bit slack lately responding to comments as well as putting posts up. I was diagnosed with Type B Flu this week. I haven’t been this sick in probably 20 years. Type B effects you from the stomach down. Not fun.

I just received word that Emergency Essentials is going to have a HUGE Mountain House sale in March. Save your pennies as this is an annual sale. When I know more I will pass it on.

“The Patriot Podcast” is still in development. It’s going to be pretty cool. I have a buddy of mine that is going to co-host it with me. The format will be the two of us discussing a specific topic each episode along with a few current event news stories or articles that we have seen in the ‘net. We will share our own opinions and of course we will not always agree. I am getting ready to order the digital recorder and mics later this evening. We hope to record the first episode within two weeks.

Iran is going to pay terrorists families who are killed while attacking Israel. This is the same Iran that our President provided billions of dollars to after signing the “nuclear deal”.  Obama said that the money given back to Iran would not go towards terrorism. More lies as usual.

I have officially left Crossfit. I was the last remaining original member of the Box I was at – 4 years. Just don’t feel like my body can take it any more. My departure is nothing against Crossfit as a fitness method. For me it’s just not fun anymore and I need something different.

I have been messing around with my new Bear Grylls Survival Knife. Testing has a long ways to go but so far I really like this thing. The firestarter works greats. Knife came very sharp. Handle feels great. As of this writing is it running under $32.00 on Amazon. More to come.

How many fire extinguishers in your house/apartment/underground bunker? Far too many of us prepare for the zombie apocalypse when it is much more likely a house fire could ruin our day. BTW – my answer: 5

Hope everyone has a great weekend.





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