Emergency Essentials February Sale

Emergency Essentials is having a great sale this month. An industry leader in preparedness products with an emphasis on food storage they have some great products and prices. I have had a relationship with Emergency Essentials for many years and have found them to offer great customer service and prices.

Preperation is Power

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Here are a few of the specials going on this entire month:

Turkey Patty Pieces #10 can – $44.95

Beef Patty Crumbles #10 can – $29.99

EnerPlex Jumpr Prime 4400 Battery Pack – $24.95

Premier 4 person Bucket 2-Pack – $214.95

4 Person 72-Hour Food Supply – $64.99

Freeze-Dried Super Sweet Corn #10 can – $12.99

Instant Nonfat Dry Milk #10 can – $18.99

Lasagna with Meat Sauce #10 can – $23.99

Freeze-Dried Diced Mozzarella Cheese #10 can – $24.99

Mountain House® 6 Month Supply of Entrées – $1099.99


There are numerous other products including Mountain House freeze dried foods on sale at great prices. As I have developed my food storage program freeze dried has become a larger part of it. No better time than right now to stock up.

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