Emergency Essentials Annual Mountain House sale

Once per year Emergency Essentials has a huge sale on Mountain house freeze dried food with some prices discounted over 50%. This is truly an opportune time to stock up if finances will provide.

Many people have asked if freeze dried food tastes good. I can only answer from my experience and the opinions of those I have seen first hand –  “Yes!” I have tried many varieties and so far have not found one that I did not like. So far my favorites have been Chili Mac, Chicken & Rice, Lasagna, and Scrambled Eggs & Bacon.

Here are a few examples from the Emergency Essentials March sale:

Granola with Milk & Blueberries – Reg. $40.99 / SALE: $29.99

Cinnamon Fuji Apple Slices – Reg. $26.99 / SALE: $12.49

Mountain House Diced Chicken – Reg. $52.99 / SALE: $31.99

Breakfast Skillet – Reg. $36.99 / SALE $22.99

Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice – Reg. $41.99 / SALE: $27.49

Scrambled Eggs with Red & Green Peppers and Ham – Reg. $35.99 / SALE: $22.99

Beef Stew – 50% OFF – Reg. $37.99 / SALE: $18.99

Ground Beef – Reg. $59.99  / SALE: $34.99

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce – Reg. $26.99  / SALE: $17.99

Chili Mac – my favorite – Reg. $28.99  / SALE: $18.99

Beyond the individual cans there are also several combo deals available. Like I said – this is a great opportunity to stock up. This sale will last until the end of March.

Anyone have a favorite Mountain House flavor?




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