American Reformation Scenario: North Bend, Washington

The following American Reformation scenario takes place in North Bend, Washington. North Bend is a small town of about 6,500 people and is 30 minutes from Seattle. The town gained popularity due to it being featured in the television series Twin Peaks.

Situation and Time Line:

By June of 2022, the Stock market has dropped to below 12,000 over the past two weeks – down from its high of 24,000 just two years ago. Government reported unemployment has crossed 12% while true numbers run above 30%. Consumer confidence is at an all-time low and continuing to drop.

President Elizabeth Warren and the Democratically controlled Congress has instituted “emergency” measures to boost the economy. Over the past two years “stimulus” checks from the Federal government have been mailed to all taxpayers on a quarterly basis. More than $2 trillion dollars has been added to the Federal debt due to these measures while currency devaluation has taken hold. Inflation has crept in slowly while layoffs and downsizing measures gain momentum in an effort for businesses to reduce costs and retain profitability.

Unemployment benefits are being adjusted quarterly due to inflation. States are requesting Federal assistance to deal with growing budget issues. With so many states requesting assistance, the Federal deficit is growing exponentiality. By March of 2022 states accepting Federal funds are required to meet certain Federally mandated requirements – including restrictions on firearms.

In late 2021 Congress reports the results of the investigation into the terrorist attacks(summer of 2019) and find the blame lies solely on Conservative, Right-Wing militia groups who acted in a manner which Syrian refugees would get the blame. Leaked documents indicate that government investigators actually found evidence pointing to Islamic terrorists – and not to American citizens. MSM fails to provide any credence to these leaked documents.

Protests after the Presidential election in 2020 putting Elizabeth Warren in the White House were massive. While most protestors came to express their 1st Amendment Rights in peace, Antifa and other radical Left-Wing groups had other plans. Violence broke out more and more frequently across the country over the next year with the mainstream media promoting responsibility targeted solely on the Right. In mid-2021 several “Patriot” groups known to support these protests and having suspected ties to the terrorist attacks two years earlier were raided by the FBI and shut down. Two prominent groups “temporarily” shut down included the National Rifle Association and the Heritage Foundation. In conjunction with this Twitter and Facebook begin severe censorship all in the name of “safety” and reducing further terrorism opportunities. Several well known and politically active citizens were apprehended and questioned – and subsequently released. Interestingly these citizens remained quiet and disappeared into the shadows afterward. Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and even Alex Jones were included in this group. This action resulted in many Patriots going underground and meeting in secret. By the beginning of 2022, the protests, for the most part, had stopped.

In January 2022 Congress – without warning – passes the “American Citizen & Law Enforcement Safety Bill”.  This was a sweeping gun control Bill including waiting periods, magazine bans, registration, and special taxes on all ammunition and ammunition components. The Bill was promoted by politicians to protect children and law enforcement officers. They used the terrorist attacks of 2019 as additional motivation for support of the Bill.

By March of 2022, Congress passes the “United States Equalization of Opportunity Bill” which is professed to fix the growing economic troubles. What the Bill actually does is expand government involvement in almost every industry and business in America and provides the largest tax increase in history. While proponents of the Bill state the vast majority of the taxes will come from large corporations and the Rich – the reality is quite different. Several well-known businesses shut their doors within days of the Bill’s passage in protest including Chik-fil-a and Hobby Lobby.


Political and Governmental Summary: 

The terrorist attacks during the summer of 2019 had a dramatic effect on the political climate in the United States. While the election of President Trump and his subsequent policies had a positive effect on the economy – the citizenship became extremely divided. After the terrorist attacks which left thousands of children dead Trump’s stance on the 2nd Amendment destroyed his ability to win reelection.

America was angry and wanted something done to protect the children – and themselves. The majority of America was willing to give up freedom’s many didn’t even know they had – for the promise of security.


June 21, 2022: North Bend, Washington:

Bill and Jennifer Owens were enjoying their breakfast at Twede’s Cafe when the news came in. There was going to be a vote in Texas on secession.

“This is unbelievable Jen. I never thought in my 55 years I would ever see this country fall apart like this. Now it looks like Texas is going to try to leave the Union. Wonder what President Warren will have to say about this?” Bill stated.

“It’s not going to be good. Texas contains many natural resources and military bases with nuclear weapons. She’s not going to just let them go.” Jen said.

“Governor Abbott ordered all Texas Congressman to leave Washington, DC as well as their entire staff and families.” Bill continued.

“Did you hear Bigg Dog Firearms got shut down?” Jen asked.

“No, I didn’t. How come?” Bill questioned.

“The folks over there refused to go along with some of the parts of the “American Citizen & Law Enforcement Safety Bill” passed in March. They were found to still be selling magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds. Bigg Dog’s said they purchased all those magazines before the passage of the Bill, however, the government made the magazine ban instantaneous. It’s crazy.” Jen stated flatly.

“I’m glad we put back what we did when we had the chance.” Bill whispered.

Jen smiled….and then had a look of concern on her face. She knew that


June 22nd, 2022: White House

President Warren was having another one of her “attacks”, at least that’s what many of the White House staffers called them. After hearing the news of the upcoming vote in Texas President Warren has grown even angrier than she normally was. She summoned the Attorney General and military representatives to develop an action plan should Texas actually pass their “secession” resolution.

Advisors tried to convince Warren to meet with Governor Abbott and come to some agreement but she refused. She felt that meeting with Abbott at this time would only reinforce his position and make her look weak. No – she must show her strength and superior position.

“I must take action to quell the dissension that is growing in some of these…..Patriotic States.” President Warren thought to herself.


June 25th, 2022: Washinton State – Governors Mansion

Governor Jay Inslee called a meeting with his advisers over lunch. He received communication from the White House that in order to obtain further Federal financial aid President Warren would require some “steps” to be implemented:

First – a declaration of non-secession must be made by the Governor in the national press. President Warren was literally going mad over the secession talk in Texas and a few other states.

Second – state law enforcement would be used to run surveillance on a multitude of individuals and organizations known to express “patriotic” and “right-wing” views. Additionally, a database would be created of suspected terrorist threats. These individuals would be pro-Life, pro-2nd Amendment, Conservative and mostly Christian.

These same steps were being required for all states accepting Federal funding and assistance.


The Alamo, succession

July 4th, 2022 – The Alamo – San Antonio, Texas

Governor Greg Abbott called a press conference to discuss the passage of the Texas Secession Bill. While leaving the Union was not as easy as just passing a Bill it was a huge step.

Governor Greg Abbott’s statement:

“Over the last twelve years, the United States as the Founding Fathers meant it to be has ceased to exist. The country which has saved this world from Communism, the evil of Nazi control, and countless other threats has been led astray and is now infested with such corruption it is like a cancer to the very principles which the Constitution stands. I firmly believe it is beyond repair.”

“The Federal government continues to overtax and overregulate both businesses and citizens to the point that it is a form of slavery. The Federal government has stepped so far to the Left that the ability for the American citizen to live a free and fruitful life based on their efforts and hard work has been undermined. The White House and a corrupt Congress has seen to it that those who choose to sit by and wallow in mediocrity are raised up by the fruits of others labor – while those hardworking folks who get up every day and work their tail off to contribute to their own success are punished. It just doesn’t make sense and is completely un-American.”

“The Federal government has led America down a path to immorality. When nearly a decade ago a conversation had to be had to determine who uses which bathroom and how many genders there are – insanity has prevailed. Over the past two years, basic rights such as religious freedom, the right to bear arms, and due process have been attacked by President Warren and an out of control Congress. It is my responsibility as Governor – and as an American citizen to do my part to stop this insanity and stop it I will….in the great state of Texas!”

“It is my hope that the vote to succeed and separate from the Federal government will be a peaceful and simple transition. My administration is working on a plan which will be provided to Congress and President Waren which will describe the steps involved. In no way, shape, or form does Texas plan to quarantine itself from the rest of the states in the Union. We plan to continue to carry on commerce and strategic relationships as normal – with few conditions.”

“I will provide two simple requirements of President Warren and the Federal government.”

“First – I require that all Federal military installations be vacated by July 15th. These sit on Texas soil and the land is the property of Texas.”

“Second – all Federal offices and buildings are to be vacated by July 15th and all operations will cease at that time.”

“More information will be forthcoming.”

“Thank you.”


July 6th, 2022 – Home of Bill and Jennifer Owens, North Bend, Washinton

“Jen – what do you think we should do? Warren has ordered 25% of the American military forces stationed in Europe and Japan to return home. The explanation is “cost reduction” but we all know what it is for – Texas. Now leaked documents show that the Washinton State Attorney General’s office is accumulating a list of “Patriotic” citizens. I guarantee we will be on that list. ” Bill exclaimed.

“Are you sure?”, Jen asked. “We never officially signed up with Ted’s militia group.”

“Absolutely. You know Jerry, Rob, and Kenny and his wife are all members. Now we are ALL members of the same MAG – that provides the tie-in that will connect us to the militia. Plus we are members of the NRA, Republican party, and gave money to Trump in 2020. You know we both had Patriotic stuff all over our Facebook pages before our accounts were canceled. If I could go back in time OPSEC would have been a much bigger deal.” Bill said.

“Well, you weren’t making all the decisions. I am as much to blame.” Jen stated flatly.

Bill continued, “Back to the question Jen – what do we do? We may be fine right now but we may be targeted at some point. I firmly believe Warren is going to take military action against Texas.  Several other states have refused to sign the non-secession pact including South Carolina, Idaho, Montana, Arizona – and even California. We have the supplies and the means – should we relocate? Your brother lives in Pickens, South Carolina – it’s a long ways but we could get there. More leaks from the White House indicate that an assault weapons ban INCLUDING confiscation is in the works in case other states drop out. We could go to Texas but that might end up being a war zone. If we stay here the State Police will likely be knocking on our door to take our guns – leaving us defenseless.”

“The economy is getting worse Bill. Gasoline is up to $8.50 a gallon. If we are going to leave we need to do so soon. Everything is getting more expensive. We can make a go of it here but I’m fearful of turning into felon’s if we don’t give up our guns. ”

  *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *

That’s it. That is the information you have. As each of us read through the scenario we will all envision the story just a little bit different. Based on your interpretation of the situation what would you do? Are Bill and Jen best to stay in place – or relocate? If they relocate where do they go?

Thank all.




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