7 Budget SHTF Firearms

A buddy of mine mentioned he needs to add a few guns to his firearm battery and was on a fairly strict budget. He’s not a prepper but has expressed concerns for the future and just “feels like something is going to happen.” So although he is not a prepper and not specifically asking about a budget survival battery I read-between-the-lines and led him in that direction.

We sat down and went over a few different budget-friendly firearms that would fit a variety of roles. These are listed in no particular order.


Mossberg Maverick Model 88 12 gauge Shotgun – $200

One of the best deals for an all-around, multi-purpose firearm is the Mossberg Model 88. At around $200 and capable of firing any 12 gauge shell including bird shot, slugs, and buckshot the Model 88 sits just as well hunting as it does defending the home.

Mossberg, Model 88, shotgun, SHTF, gun, firearms, survival battery


Canik TP9SA 9mm Pistol – $349

There is no better defensive pistol at this price range and for many owners of the Canik at ANY price. The Canik is reliable, has a fantastic trigger – and has great ergonomics. Full capacity magazines offer 18 rounds of 9mm firepower.

Canik, TP9SA, 9mm, defense, SHTF, survival battery, prepper, preparedness, firearms, guns


Ruger 10/22 .22lr Carbine – $225

A .22lr should be included in anyone’s survival battery. Why not include the most popular .22 ever made? Extremely versatile and customizable the Ruger can be adapted for most anyone’s needs.

Ruger, 22LR, 10/22, survival rifle, project, build,


Taurus PT-111 Millennium G2 9mm Pistol – $200

The Taurus G2 has become a favorite among shooters due to its incredibly low price, “sticky” grip – and 12 round capacity. A great sidearm available at around $200.


Mossberg 464 .30-30 Lever Action Rifle – $400

Modeled after the Gun that Won the West the Mossberg 464 is a handy firearm. The 464 excels in both the field and is a capable defender of the home and property as well.

Mossberg 464, lever action, SHTF, survival battery, defensive, guns,


Hi-Point 9mm Carbine – $319.99

Although the Hi-Point is often laughed at due to how it looks it is a reliable 9mm carbine. Many Hi-Point owners love their guns and know with the price they paid they have funds left over for magazines and ammunition. Not my favorite on the list but worthy of being here.

Hi-Point, carbine, 9mm, SHTF, gun, firearms, survival battery, budget


Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15 .223/5.56 Carbine – $499

I know several people who own this AR and all have been extremely satisfied. Running right at $500 and often available for well under on sale this is a fully featured AR. The advantages of having an AR included in a survival battery is obvious. It is the most expensive firearm on the list and worth every penny – if it fits the budget.

Bear Creek Arsenal, AR-15, budget, survival battery, SHTF, preparedness,


These merely represent a few possibilities and there are many more. The point is almost any budget will provide for building a survival battery – even if it takes some time.

Thoughts? Which ones would be on your list?


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