5 Steps to Building a Digital Preparedness Library


I have gone through numerous preparedness digital library systems over the years. My shelves are overflowing with books but with the advent of the Internet and ebooks, the creation of a truly massive digital preparedness library is very possible. To create a digital preparedness library I’ve used laptops, CD’s, DVD’s, USB flash drives, and external hard drives in an attempt to organize the information. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve come up with my current system. It is user-friendly, portable, inexpensive, and very versatile.

I have been a fan of the Kindle E-readers and the Amazon Fire tablets for years. Although I could add literally thousands of ebooks to either the addition of my own PDF’s, video’s and other documents was anywhere from impossible to at a minimum difficult.

Enter: The Amazon Fire Tablet.

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When Amazon came out with the latest edition of this 7″ tablet it proved to be a game changer. Why? In a world where iPad’s and other brand name tablets cost hundreds of dollars – the Amazon Fire 7″ multimedia tablet came in at only $50.  For $50 the Fire provides excellent power, storage capacity – and multimedia capabilities. It represents a significant tool for prepper’s to build and organize a digital preparedness library.  Capable of excepting microSD cards an almost endless supply of PDF’s, videos, documents, audio files, and pictures can be stored.

So – how to put it all together?

5 Steps to Building a Digital Preparedness Library


Step #1: Buy a Kindle Fire tablet(LINK)

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Step #2: Install ES File Explorer App


Within the Appstore perform a search for “ES File Explorer” and download it.

There are other File Manager apps which can be used to access the contents of the Fire as well as inserted MicroSD cards. I am familiar and use only ES File Explorer.


Step #3: MicroSD Card – Create Folders/Organize Preparedness Information

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At this point purchased ebooks from Amazon will be automatically downloaded to the Fire tablet. Additional guides, manuals, documents, videos, audio files, etc. need to be added to a MicroSD card via a computer.

I have found the best method for this is to:

  1. Download desired files to laptop/computer.
  2. Insert MicroSD card into the computer.
  3. Create folders on the MicroSD card which to organize the files. Examples would include Gardening, Firearms, Communication, General Survival, Hunting, Fishing, Homesteading, etc.
  4. Transfer files into their corresponding folders.

Where to get all the files? This will be the subject of another article but a few Internet searches will provide plenty.


Step #4: Insert MicroSD Card

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If the MicroSD card is inserted with the Fire on it may or may not recognize the card. If it does not restart the Fire tablet and it will search and locate the card and the information on it.

The Fire can accept MicroSD cards up to 200gb’s of capacity. This is a truly massive amount of information. If the files to be stored are mostly PDF’s a 32gb card would likely be all that is needed. Video takes up an enormous amount of space thus 128gb or more would be advised. Another option is to have multiple cards which is fine. I prefer one card(with a duplicate backup) with all information in one place.


Step #5: Open the ES File Explorer and Enjoy!!

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Tap on the ES File Explorer App icon and a menu will open. The internal Amazon Fire memory will be represented but what we are interested in is the MicroSD card. Click on the card and another screen will appear. As can be seen in the image above I created a folder titled “PREPAREDNESS” on mine. Whether you did something similar or not you can now access your card and all contents.

Summary: The Kindle Fire Tablet Digital Preparedness Library

What is so awesome about this digital library is I can sit down with this one device and access literally thousands of ebooks, manuals, guides, PDF’s – even movies and songs. I can read a military manual on navigation and then check the best planting time for cucumbers in my zone – and then put in some earphones and watch The Equalizer.

All of this for the cost of the Amazon Fire tablet and a MicroSD card. All of the content – including many ebooks – can be found for free.

The Amazon Fire can be easily charged from most portable solar systems and almost any portable power bank that will charge a cell phone. There are also numerous durable cases available for damage protection.solar, power, Amazon, Fire, survival, preparedness, library

While there are other tablets that can be used I found the versatility of the Amazon Fire to be best. There are also different sizes of the Fire tablet, however, the 7″ model is the least expensive.

Having such a massive amount of information all on the Amazon Fire multimedia tablet is an invaluable resource.



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