10 Essential Preparedness Supplies Less Than $10.00 each

It doesn’t take a ton of money to get prepared. Many of us live on a tight budget. I took a trip to my local Wally-World to check out some inexpensive supplies that can be purchased for less than $10.00.

Here are a few:

  • Batteries – Needed for flashlights, radio’s and any other electronic devices that may be needed in a grid down situation. Purchase alkaline batteries and look for sales. It is also a good idea to try to standardize flashlights and other battery-operated items on just a couple of sizes. This will minimize the chance of running out of one type of battery and making devices powered by those batteries useless. I like AA the best.


  • Bleach – Inexpensive and can be used to make water safe for drinking. 1/2 gallon requires between 5 and 10 drops depending on how cloudy/dirty it is. If water contains particles of “crap” – pre-filter prior to adding Clorox Bleach. It is best to store Clorox Brand bleach – no perfumed versions.


  • Trash Bags – Imagine how life would be if you had no trash bags. Sanitation will be very important to prevent disease . Whether it’s food wrappers or empty cans of beans they must be disposed of properly or vermin will be visiting. I don’t like vermin.


  • Candles – Candles have been a mainstay of preparedness for a long time. When the sun goes down along with the grid – candles can provide a warm glow to light the way to the bathroom, upstairs to see the grandchildren, or to pour a glass of water.  Inexpensive and safe when used properly. I recommend glass and metal containers.


  • Emergency Lighting – If the power fails in the middle of the night will you be able to locate your flashlights and candles? These small “night lights” plug into any outlet and turn on when the power fails lighting the area where placed. I have several of these placed in hallways. Makes a lot of sense.


  • Flashlights – Another mainstay item of survival & preparedness. Flashlights provide not only light when needed – but also comfort and a sense of security. If little kids are around they are invaluable. Pictured below is a small LED lantern. I highly recommend that LED-type flashlights are purchased as they are much more durable, bulbs last just about forever, and batteries last much longer.


  • Fire – Need to light a candle? Want to start the fireplace? Light the grill? Grab a pack of Bic lights for less than $5.00. Matches are also inexpensive.


  • Seeds and Growing Containers – Some crops like lettuce are incredibly easy to grow. Seeds are very inexpensive. Depending upon your housing and living conditions lettuce can be grown in a container on your patio or porch. Have a backyard? A few packs of seeds and some help from a young neighbor or grandkid could provide some food on the dinner table.


  • First Aid Kit – It’s bound to happen – that paper cut from Hades! Having a decent first aid kit around is a welcome addition to your preparedness supplies. Band-aides, burn cream, antibiotic ointment, etc are basic supplies that should be kept on hand.


Well – there you go. 10 items that cost less than $10.00 each.

Know of some other supplies that are great for the budget minded prepper?

Take care all –



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