Yes – You Have to Aim a Shotgun


Seems a lot of people gained their tactical knowledge from the movies especially when it comes to shotguns. I’ve seen it all over the Internet folks state the big advantage of a shotgun is there is no need to aim. Just point in the general direction and destroy your target. To many this fallacy is common knowledge.

Multi-projectile ammunition such as bird and buckshot do provide an advantage as precise shot placement is not as critical compared to rifle and pistol rounds. Yes – the projectile spread from a shotgun increases covering more target area as distance grows from the shooter however it is not an “aim in the general direction” situation. For common cylinder bore defensive shotguns the spread of most loads average around .5″ – 1.0″ per yard. This means that at a living room distance of 15 feet the spread would max out around 3-4 inches. Yes – a concerted effort must be made to aim.

One of the major benefits of the shotgun is the massive variety of shotgun ammunition available for all kinds of purposes. There are loads for more spread quicker – and loads to keep the pattern tighter over longer distance.

What is important is to test your own equipment and loads to see how your specifics ammunition and shotgun patterns together.





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