What, Not Who

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What, Not Who

By James Robison

The older I get, the more significant each election seems to be. When believers approach an election, we must first understand what must be done before we can identify who can best help do it. Perhaps as important as any time since our nation’s founding, those who believe in divine providence and eternal principles must become well informed and actively involved in the political process. Christians, pastors, and church leaders must totally reject the lie that “separation of church and state” means that people of faith must remain silent, uninformed, and uninvolved. Those who recognize truth and stand for it can turn the tide.

Our nation’s founders knew that the limits of the Constitution were placed on the government, not on the people or religion. The right to stand up and support first principles is both a privilege and a responsibility. True freedom grants citizens the right to choose, and we have a responsibility to choose right. The Bible declares, “Righteousness exalts a nation” (Proverbs 14:34). The psalmist affirms, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12). “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice” (Proverbs 29:2).

The only solid ground on which individual lives, families, communities, and nations can safely build is the foundation consistent with unshakable biblical truth. When the weight of God’s kingdom impacts earth, we will clearly witness the footprints of our Father in heaven revealed through yielded lives, wise leadership, and enforceable laws and national policies. The stage is set for a spiritual awakening. Now is the time for Christians to stand together as a mighty army in the face of all evil—even when it masquerades as the source upon which people are encouraged to depend.

The correct question that demands our focused prayer and active participation is, “What must we do?” rather than “Whom should we elect?” When the citizens know the what, they will insist the who makes the right decisions or put them out of office as soon as possible. If all professing Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, along with Jewish people and those who believe the Bible is reliable, will stand together, then the foundations of our nation will be restored, the walls of protection will be rebuilt, and the people will have reason to rejoice.

We must hold fast to moral principles and make wise decisions. Permit me to share some of the obvious whats to consider while seeking divine guidance. It is important to recognize:

  • As the Pledge of Allegiance states, we are a nation under God. If national leaders do not acknowledge the importance of divine providence, there will be no recovery.
  • All life must be protected and seen as precious with unlimited potential, however unexpected or planned. Something can be legal, but also very evil.
  • America must stand in the best interests of Israel against the evil forces calling for its destruction.
  • Marriage between a man and a woman must be viewed as sacred. The strength of our nation depends on strong families.
  • There are moral absolutes. We must stop judges and courts from misinterpreting the Constitution and writing their own laws.
  • Success and prosperity may be mishandled by some, but the potential for success that produces opportunity for all and prosperity at different levels is not the problem. We must keep the free market free, healthy, and bound to personal responsibility.
  • There are forces of good and evil, and they must be wisely and rightly defined, discerned, and resisted.
  • Depending on the federal government as our source is idolatry. We must control it, or it will control us.
  • The church must be delivered from the spirit of religion and filled with the Holy Spirit, leading us to the supernatural unity that produces holy harmony.

Now is the time for us to become the city set on a hill that cannot and will not be hidden. This is the time for action. God is eager to make up for the years the locusts have eaten and to reveal His love and His ways to those living in darkness, who are controlled by a worldview that denies, minimizes, or ignores God’s truth.

Now is the time to return to God. Stand up like a mighty army! Pierce the darkness, storm the gates of hell, set captives free, correct our course, reclaim the land, make God the who in our personal and national life, and point people to the what. We will never find the right who until we know the right what. When the population understandswhat to do, we can find who to help lead and insist that every who does the right what.

Every election says something about who and what the American people trust. All candidates and parties stress the importance of trust. The fact is, they each want you to trust their leadership and promises, but if you read between the lines and have the ability to discern, you will see far more. No candidate is perfect, and there are reasons for legitimate concern with most every politician. The people must control the government, or the government will control the people. “We the People” will ultimately trust either God or government. If the government does not serve us wisely and effectively, then we will serve it to our own ruin.

This is the only way out, and we must do it together as “We the People,” under God, indivisible. Then, and only then, will we have liberty, justice, and hope for all. We will again be the land of opportunity and a “shining city on a hill.” It is late, but not too late. Watch and pray—and vote!




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