What is going on?

This past week has been very stressful and frustrating. This happens to me every so often when I try to comprehend the state of this country and the actions of some people. I fully realize that it is an effort in futility but nevertheless try to I do. To get back my sanity I have to tune out the news and spend time out in God’s creation.

A few things that are simply blowing my mind:

  • Actor James Woods recently stated……

“The world is fighting Islamic terrorism, starvation, and disease, but Democrats are fighting for men to pee in the ladies’ room. Insanity.”

Mr. Woods is correct. It is insane with the severity of issues at hand that the Federal government is not only filing a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina but also withholding Federal money in an effort to pressure NC into compliance.

Bathroom Debate

All this because some sexual pervert in Charlotte managed to get a city ordinance passed to force businesses to allow men and women to use the bathroom of their choice. I can’t believe I just typed that.

For the record – transgenders are not normal and should not be treated as such. Period. Why should my rights be affected because a tiny minority of the population decides to play multiple-choice with their sexual organs and gender identity? What do you tell a little girl who goes into a Planet Fitness women’s locker room and sees “franks and beans”?  Transgenders have been using the bathroom of their choice for years now with no issue. There was no need for a bathroom equality law to begin with and was put into place to justify the existence of certain politicians and special interest groups. The laws created the problem allowing sexual perverts to gain legal access to the bathroom of their choice.

Priorities. They are absent in government.


  • There is a movement for the Federal government to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour –

My brother recently mentioned he thinks the minimum wage should be raised. His reasoning is that today’s economy is not what it used to be. Good paying manufacturing jobs are a rarity and more and more people are in fact living  – yes living – on minimum wage jobs or close. While I agree wages are stagnant and opportunities have slimmed the Federal government really should have no say so whatsoever on what wage people earn.

Consider the effect on businesses across the United States if suddenly everyone had to be paid $15/hr. First of all it would not only be those making $7.25/hr that would get a raise. What about those companies that start their manufacturing employees out at $14.33? Now in order to remain competitive and attract the nest workers they may need to start their new employees out at around $18.00 per hour. This will have a domino effect on costs of products which will be passed on to the consumer. Of course companies will search for every opportunity to keep costs down including getting rid of headcount. Thus – unemployment will increase.

The free market and the States themselves should decide on what wage someone should earn – not the Federal government.


  • Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL!

Comes to America and holds the flag of the country they ran away from and demands that the new country they ran to turns into the country that they ran away from…..and nobody sees a problem here?


Ok – some of us see the problem.

This isn’t illegal immigration. It is an invasion.


  • The country is divided.

Democrats versus Republicans.  Black versus White. Conservatists versus Socialists. Republicans versus Republicans. Democrats versus Democrats. Illegal immigrants versus Constitutionalists. States versus Federal Government. Transgenders versus Men. Transgenders versus women. Homosexuals versus Christians. Atheists versus Christians. Government versus Christians.  Muslims versus Christians. Muslims versus Atheists. Muslims versus Jews. Muslims versus…..well…..everybody.


Everyone has an opinion and feels the need to FORCE it down everyone else’s throat. Hey – I don’t mind a debate or hearing someone else’s thoughts on a subject but in today’s world people freak out when you don’t agree. I have been called every name in the book and heard all kinds of things mentioned about my……genitalia….just because I  disagree with someone on a topic. My wife has been called names and and I have been told that I should put a bullet in my own head. There is a certain vile tone to people today that goes beyond disagreeing.

It is called hate.


  • Age of the entitlement.

Growing up I looked at America as a land of opportunity…..for those that went out and earned it. I looked at America as a land full of AMERICANS who were capable of extraordinary feats of courage and incredible ingenuity. America was a shining beacon of freedom to the world. Now? It is crumbling under the weight of entitlement.


There is a growing populace that believe that they are owed an existence which they have not earned. This growing mindset whereby people believe that just their sheer existence entitles them to money, food, medical care, shelter – and even cell phones.


  • An admitted socialist is receiving millions of votes for President of the United States.

The support Bernie Sanders is receiving is incredibly discouraging. Someone who represents quite the opposite of those principles which this country was founded is being supported by a huge portion of the population. I think back to the generations that fought against communism, socialism, and oppression and here we are with Bernie Sanders.


Just another piece of the puzzle to the crumbling of America.


  • The Mainstream Media is totally lacking any investigative reporting.

 The amount of corruption and anti-American activity that has been going on in government has been unreported and covered up by most of the mainstream networks. They fail to report information responsibly so that their viewers  hear the truth. One example of this is when a politician stands up and says that they have cut the deficit by $200 billion dollars – but the reality is they simply reduced the amount they are going to increase the budget the next year by $200 billion. Most people listening think that they actually are spending less money.



  • Over 300,000 children are killed every year via abortion but America freaks out when a lion in Africa is killed.

The perspective of society as a whole is seriously misdirected. The Liberal left will protest against capital punishment but then support abortion. Liberals are Pro-Homosexual and Pro-Muslim at the same time.  Yet Islam often has a death sentence for homosexual activity. Liberals will often go out of their way to support religion as long as it’s not Christianity. Liberals say they are Pro-Education yet they do not support school choice. Hmmmm……..


Liberals say they are for equality and against racism yet they continue to divide the population into segments. Race should be blind. Affirmative action is inherently racist. Continuing to point out and support programs for certain races does nothing but divide.


  • America continues to run away from God.

Do the research – America’s founding was deeply rooted in Christianity. Even many of the oldest colleges across the country have inscriptions carved into walls and buildings all over the campus about God. Decades of anti-religious indoctrination has his Christianity’s presence in the origin of this country.


Christianity has provided a moral foundation for millions for hundreds of years. Today? It still occurs but to a much lesser extent. The decaying morality of its population is being led by a decreasing relevance of God.


This is but a minor sample. Nearly $20 trillion in Federal debt. Millions on food stamps. A growing segment of the population who is anti-law enforcement and pro-thug. Flag burning is becoming more acceptable.

Gee……I don’t feel any better.




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