Want an Ultra-Concealable Carbine? You probably already have one….


Popular topic among those who have to travel any distance from home is being able to carry the firepower of a battle rifle – without it being seen. Most long guns are not known for their concealability thus pistols are often the firearm of choice. The AR pistol has become a popular “truck-gun” due to its large firepower and smaller size.

One option that mostly goes unnoticed is the standard AR carbine. Although too large to fit in a backpack or standard duffel bag it can be separated into two pieces making it much more compact.  My AR carbine in the picture above breaks down to 24.5″. It takes literally seconds to put the two pieces together via two pins and “Abracadabra!!” – ready to rock and roll.

One issue with this set up is the ability of the bolt to slide out of the upper while in the bag. This would prove just a bit frustrating should the need for the AR arise and speed was of the essence. Reaching around the bottom of the bag for parts would not be very encouraging.

The simple fix is placing a loop of paracord through the pivot hole in the upper and wrapping it around the bolt carrier – and then securing it. In the included pictures a secure knot is presented through a secure but quick release knot would be preferable.

Options are great, aren’t they? 



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