Hammond’s and Bundy’s in Oregon

Did you hear about those evil militia people in Oregon taking over a Federal building? Me neither – the truth is quite different from what you will hear on the MSM or read in the papers. The reality is an incredible injustice has been done to the Hammond’s in the name of the Federal government and the corrupt Bureau of Land Management(BLM).

I have done quite a bit of research on this situation and it is complicated. For decades the BLM has been harassing the Hammond’s to acquire their land and the Hammond’s have resisted. I am not going to get into all the details but here is a brief summary:

The Hammond’s – father and son – were convicted of an illegal fire on Federal lands. The truth is they were performing a controlled burn for fire hazard control and the fire moved over onto Federal land. The Hammond’s did put the fire out. Although the land was actually improved the BLM took advantage of the opportunity and charged them. A judge sentenced the son to 12 months in jail and the father 3 months – along with fines of $400,000. They served their time and were released.

A Federal judge has now “re-sentenced” the Hammond’s to serve the minimum 5 year sentence for the “terrorism” charge they were convicted of. Insanity. The BLM is still going after the Hammond’s.

At this point 3 brothers from the Cliven Bundy family and reportedly 100-150 members of a militia have squatted at a Federal Wildlife Reserve – which is not manned by employees. The group is protesting not only the resentencing of the Hammond’s but the overreaching of the BLM for decades.

The video below(thanks JohnP) shows the local Fire Chief where this incident is taking place resigning from his job due to local government corruption.

When I look at all the details, the years of harassment and abuse  – I understand why the Bundy’s and the militia got involved. The Hammond’s father is 73 years old and is now serving close to 5 years in prison. For what?









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