VIDEO: The 10mm Glock 20 SF – Loaded for Bear

The Glock 20 SF in 10mm is one of the firearms I’ve always wanted and it just hasn’t happened yet. I remember when the 10mm first came out and it appeared that it would take over the defensive pistol field displacing the 45ACp and 9mm due to its ability to not only have a high capacity but also excellent power. Excessive recoil and a reputation for wearing guns out reduced the 10mm to mediocre to insignificant popularity.

The Glock 20 was from all accounts the first reliable 10mm pistol and gained a good following. Some 25 years the Glock 20 is still made – in its SF format. “SF” stands for short-frame as Glock redesigned and reduced the grip with this model.

The Glock 20 is popular with outdoor enthusiasts who frequents areas with bear and other potentially dangerous animals.

The following video offers an overall perspective of the Glock 20 SF 10mm pistol.



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