Top 5 Firearms That Have Never Been Made – But Should

Over the past several decades there have been some very cool firearms produced. Some of the ingenuity used is really a testament to the firearms industry that these companies would take a risk to depart from the norm.

Even with all the firearms created and manufactured, there are a few I’ve thought of that just never made it to the production line. Hey – I’ll admit some of these are far-fetched but it’s my dream – right?

Here are the……

Top 5 Firearms That Have Never Been Made – But Should Be

2,000fps Air Rifle – OK – maybe this isn’t a true firearm but it shoots which is good enough for me. Whatever the caliber – .177, .22, or something else having an air rifle that shoots 2,000 fps would be awesome. I’d like to add it needs to be affordable and not some $800 dream gun. Some type of sound deadening device like on the Gamo Whisper would be needed so it remained fairly quiet. The market is there now someone needs to do it.

The Magnetic Ball Bearing Shooter – getting out there a bit but a battery operated rifle that shoots the ball bearing via a magnetic rail would be something else. The electromagnet would push each ball bearing – around .30 caliber – down the rails at incredible speeds. Consider a reservoir could be filled with 100 or so ball bearings giving the shooter a lot of firepower. Lithium-ion battery packs would allow many rounds between pack changes.

.357 Magnum Semi-Auto Carbine – While I imagine this was done at some point I know of no successful mass produced .357 Magnum firearm. This firearm would not have to be an AR-variant but could be similar to the Camp 9/45 or the Ruger 44 Carbine. Important is that it be magazine fed. Why create something like this? FUN! Would be a great cartridge that is commonly found and would be good for someone who carries a .357 Magnum revolver.

The M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens – I have considered trying to build one of these and maybe some day it will happen. This thing is awesome. A digital counter on the side which shows the number of rounds left – and automatically resets once a magazine is inserted. I would imagine this rifle would shoot a round similar to the 5.7x28mm and then have a shotgun action – rather than grenade launcher – connected to the underside.

Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 .22 Magnum – this gun would absolutely rock and provide an incredible amount of fun. I just don’t get it why S&W hasn’t done it. Someone there has to have thought about it.

Out of all of the above concepts, the M&P15-22M is probably the most realistic and marketable.

Come on S&W – get to it!!!!!

So, how about you? Is there a concept firearm that you have thought about that just never made it to production? Maybe heard of a prototype but the design never made it to gun shops?





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