Top 12 Barter Items To Stock Up On Now

For those anticipating a complete breakdown of the economy, “bartering” is something that should be planned. Before diving into the list I’ll mention a couple things that generally stir up controversy.

First – the bartering of firearms and ammunition generally creates a huge argument. Why? The thought behind this is you’ll trade a firearm and/or ammunition and the recipient will turn it around and use it to take all your stuff. Sure – it’s possible. It’s also possible that the trade could be conducted safely and with minimal risk.

Second – the bartering of food creates almost as much craziness and the previous. Some people scoff at the idea of bartering food as they believe that you’re trading away your very salvation. I totally disagree as you would not and should not conduct the trade unless there were sufficient stores of food which to do so safely.

Third – discussions on silver and gold as barter items create enemies as opinions from most fall on either end of the YES/NO spectrum. I’m avoiding that here – and would appreciate it if you would as well.

On to the list:

Top 12 Barter Items To Stock Up On Now

1. SPAM – Available in numerous flavorings and packed with valuable protein. There is little doubt it would be highly desired in any kind of a food shortage.  It is pre-packaged in smaller, tradable quantities.

2. Toilet Paper – explanation not needed.

3. Candles – Candles provide those in need with light, fire, and warmth. While very inexpensive now the demand and corresponding value in more desperate times will rise dramatically.

4. Alcohol – While some may find the inclusion of drinkable alcohol morally wrong it remains a fact that a shortage of supply will increase its value.

5. Flashlight & Batteries – Grid down the night will be…well…very dark. There are very inexpensive LED flashlights that run on a single AA alkaline battery. Perfect for bartering.

6.  Matches – Matches packed in 32 count boxes will be worth their weight in gold. Small in size these boxes may be a form of currency at some point.

7. First Aid Supplies – Triple antibiotic ointment, band-aids, antibiotics, etc. will be very valuable. Purchasing multiples of small general purpose first aid kits would be an excellent pre-packaged barter item. Cough/multi-symptom flu medicine during seasonal sickness times extremely valuable.

8. Cordage – A variety of cordage from twine to rope would be beneficial. If I had to choose one type it would be para-cord due to its cost and strength.

9. Bar Soap – Bar soap goes a long way and does a great job cleaning the body. Extremely inexpensive combined with a great shelf life soap is a fantastic barter item.

10. Feminine Hygiene Products – ’nuff said.

11. Water Filters – Individual water filters such as the LifeStraw and Sawyer Mini Water Filter will be extremely valuable should clean running water cease. Larger family-size filters such as the Big Berkey and the LifeStraw Family.

12. Hard Candy – Something so simple will have high demand on the barter market. What an incredible treat to have – or get for someone you love – when it is no longer manufactured.

While this list suggests these 12 items as high-value bartering tools they are not alone. There are countless valuable items that could take the place of any of those listed above.

What other items would you suggest?


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