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Behind the scenes here at there is a lot more to running a survival & preparedness website than typing up a few thoughts and throwing in some pictures. There is an entire programming language that can be used as well as lots of formatting and editing(and $$$$$). The ability to see which posts get the most attention is also a feature of the website software.

Since the very start of this website the following are the Top 10 most popular posts:

1.   New To Prepping? 12 Tips To Get You Started

2.   American Reformation – There Is Reason To Be Concerned

3.   Free Survival & Preparedness Downloads

4.   SHTF Scenario: Dirty Bombs Detonated Across the United States

5.   SHTF: What If You Knew You Had 6 Months? 12 Months?

6.   5 Reasons My EDC Must Include a Pistol

7.   Video: 10 Things YOU Should Consider(NOW) To Prepare for Chaos

8.   5 Steps To Building a Digital Preparedness Library

9.   American Reformation Scenario: North Bend, Washington

10. More Thoughts On Canned Goods and Food Storage

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