The Importance of Caffeine After The SHTF


How many out there just cannot function without their morning cup of coffee – or twelve? In today’s busy world where many of us get less than the required sleep coffee – and many specialty drinks – have become extremely popular providing a “kick” to help get people through their day.

If many of us are needing a boost now – what about in a situation where staying awake and aware could mean the difference between life and death? Think about it…..situations may be present that require manual labor working gardens, preparing food, building shelters, walking perimeters, conducting patrols, gathering firewood, etc. So – having an extra boost of energy could be very valuable.

Today coffee and many energy drinks provide a dose of caffeine – a common stimulant.  Red Bull offers up 110mg’s while a cup of coffee around 180 depending on brand.  Another option for getting caffeine is through consumption of caffeine pills. These pills are very inexpensive and easy to store.

The storage of caffeine for post-SHTF and survival situations is not often discussed. I myself have used caffeine to help when sleep was lacking and I needed a “boost”. It works.

Hey, I’m not a doctor and have NEVER played one on TV. I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once but that’s another story. Caffeine effects the body and thus consuming it should be discussed with your doctor.

So – bottom line is caffeine is something to consider stockpiling.


BTW – my favorite brand has been the ProLab 200mg Caffeine 100 Count pills.  Under $8.00 very affordable.


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