Taurus Millennium G2 9mm: Rounds 361 – 460

The testing fo the Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm continues with rounds 361 through 460. The goal of this project is to track the reliability and performance fo the G2 through 2,000 rounds. No cleaning will be done however lubrication will take place each shooting session. Should the G2 begin to experience reliability issues with ammunition previously proven reliable then I will go ahead and clean it.

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Rounds 1 through 360 can be read about HERE.

For this segment 100 rounds of “freedom seeds” was sent down range. No cleaning or lubrication has been performed thus far though some gun oil will be applied next session. No failures of any kind have been experienced. The Taurus has remained 100% reliable.

So – here’s the data through 460 rounds:

200 rounds Winchester White Box 115-grain FMJ bulk-pack

160 rounds Independence 115-grain Aluminum case

50 rounds LAWMAN 115-grain TMJ

50 rounds Blazer 115-grain FMJ aluminum cased

Taurus PT-111, G2, 9mm, carry pistol, performance, reliability,

Result: 460 rounds. Zero issues – no malfunctions.

Upcoming I will introduce some hollow point ammunition and expect issues may be had. I have heard that the G2 will not reliably feed some defensive hollow point ammo, so we’ll see what happens.

The Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm is one of the least expensive pistols on the market and an option for the budget-minded looking for a carry pistol. Is it reliable? We are well on the way to finding out.

1540 rounds to go……



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