Take Action: Food Storage

This is the second of a new ongoing series – Take Action – whch will emphasize a very specific action to take based on my recommendations. The recommendation may be due to current events, predictable future events, or just importance for preparation.

Recommended Action: Secure food supply supply as soon as possible.

Food. In most any widespread crisis food becomes scarce. Our nations just-in-time delivery system has left stores with very little food in backrooms. Once shelves are cleared out trucks are needed to replenish supplies. Anyone who has witnessed bread and milk shortages as a winter storm approaches understands. With food being of paramount importance to all of our survival stocking up must be a priority.

With this installment of Take Action it is highly suggested to get your food supply in order. How much? As much as you can put back. It is useless to suggest a 1 year supply if you’re sitting on a couple weeks worth and do not have the finances. Whatever you can afford improve your current position.

Develop a plan for the next several weeks. Shop sales. Take advantage of coupons. Go to Sam’s or Costco.

Here is an example:

Week 1:  Sam’s/Costco

Rice, 25 lb bag – approx. $9.00

Bean, Pinto 10 pound bag – approx $6.00

Pancake Mix, Just Add Water 10 lb. bag – $6.00

Week 2:  Discount Grocery Store (Aldi’s)

Corn, 6 cans – $3.00

Potatoes, 6 cans – $4.50

Tomatoes, 6 cans – $3.00

Peaches, 6 cans – $5.60

Maple Syrup, 2 bottles – $2.00 approx

Salt, 1 lb. – .49 cents

Week 3: Grocery Store Sales

Spaghetti, thin 8 boxes, $5.00

Spaghetti sauce, 3 cans – $3.00

Chicken, canned, 6 cans – $10.00

Peanut butter, jars 2 – $4.00

Week 4: Wal-Mart

Beef Stew, 5 cans – $10.00

Water, cases of 32 bottles, 2 – $7.50

Soup, canned, 12 cans – $10.00

Ramen Noodles, 2 cases – $5.75


This is just an example and not a massive supply of food but a great start or addition to someone’s food stores. We’re talking about less than $30 a week or so.

Bottom line stock up now. Develop your plan and put it into action.



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