Tactics for The American Reformation Part 6: Individual Movement Techniques & Fire Team Formations


Note: Information being provided is meant to encourage research, education, and training. The posts in of itself are merely brief summaries at most. Consider the information to be an introduction to the topic. Topics are published in no particular order.

The main perspective of this ongoing series is a defensive response to a potential threat. Watching a video is not going to take the place of active, hands-on firearms and tactics training. For many, access to training is limited either due to finances or lack of qualified trainers in their area. Getting a group together and practicing tactics learned via video or books is certainly better than just watching John Wick.

The following video shows basic movement tactics while under fire and threat from fire. The animation is rather dated however the information is quite valid.

There are numerous military manuals available that cover similar topics including the FM 7-8 The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad manual.

Get your group. Discuss scenarios. Practice. Train. Practice some more.


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