Survival In The 80’s

As a teenager growing up in the 80’s I discovered preparedness or as it was known back then survivalism and being a survivalist. I studied nuclear war survival, civil defense and shelter construction. 14 years old and I was focused on one enemy – the Soviet Union. As I live my life now it seems enemies come in all shapes and sizes and from every direction.

I miss the 80’s. I miss going to the Civil Defense office and reading up on fallout shelters and needed supplies for when the Ruskies attack. I miss the fantasy of grabbing my big hollow-handled knife and heading out into the wilderness to survive. Hey – I was 14. 

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What or who is an enemy today? I would say anyone or anything who threatens my way of life and the ideals of the country which I was raised.

So – who threatens my way or life and the ideals of the country which I was raised?

  • Illegal Immigration
  • Terrorism
  • Political Correctness
  • Russia
  • China
  • North Korea
  • The Spreading of Islam in America
  • Iran
  • Attack on Free Speech
  • The Lack of True Journalism
  • Federal Debt
  • Declining Faith in God
  • A False Economy
  • Constitutional Ignorance of Our Politicians
  • Liberalism in America
  • Moral Decay

I’m sure I’m leaving off several obvious ones.

In the 80’s when the threat of the Soviet union generated Patriotism and movies like Red Dawn – it was much simpler.



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