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EasyPrepper.net is a sponsor of this website and helps keep everything moving forward. I do not accept just any company as a sponsor. I want to develop relationships with businesses that have a high level of ethics and have the interest of the customer first. I will not stand for any of my readers getting ripped off.

After talking to the owner of EastPrepper.net on the phone I agreed to bring them on board. Thomas impressed me and spoke of excellent customer service, great value – and unique offerings. Several of the product lines carried I had never heard of until my introduction to EasyPrepper.net.

Wertz Canned Meats: Protein is often a difficult thing to stock up on in a food storage program. EasyPrepper.net is carrying canned meat with a 25+ year shelf life. This is very important as protein is an essential nutrient needed by the human body especially when under stress.

Check out their selection here – – -> https://easyprepper.net/collections/canned-food

Sasquatch Fuel and Good To-Go foods are examples of unique offerings. Great for storing away in a bug out bag.

Check them out here – – > https://easyprepper.net/collections/food-packs/products/sasquatch-fuel-spaghetti-and-meatsauce?variant=53074884676

EasyPrepper.net also carries more common products from such names as Gerber, Mountain House, CRKT, etc.

Check ’em out.


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