SPECIAL ALERT: North Korea, Ransomware, Antifa, Worldwide Threat Assesment

Threats always exist, however, this post is being sent out early Sunday due to relevant events that everyone needs to be aware of. World events continue to be volatile and unpredictable. As it has been for decades something developing thousands of miles away can have a dramatic event in your life tomorrow.

RANSOMWARE – A massive computer infection affecting tens of thousands of computers has created tremendous trouble in hospitals, manufacturers, and private individuals. This ransomware locks the computer from use until a “ransom” is paid via Bitcoin. This infection reportedly interrupted surgeries in one hospital.

Consider the infection of systems at a nuclear power plant or main power stations across the US. Cyber terrorism and security remain a very high threat that appears hidden from most Americans.


NORTH KOREA – NK launched an intermediate ballistic missile early Sunday sending it some 435 into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan. The launch site was the same which prior tests failed and it was believed that intercontinental missiles capable fo reaching the United States reside.

The timing is interesting as a new president of South Korea just took office. This action will do nothing but heighten tensions in the region.

North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan, sea, map


DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: WORLDWIDE THREAT ASSESMENT – DNI Director Dan Coates provided his assessment of worldwide threats. Of particular interest is his stating that Islamic terrorism remains a very real threat in the United States. He goes on to state that Homegrown Violent Extremists(HVE) – motivated by terrorist groups calls for action – are continuing to threaten the safety of citizens and will occur with little to no warning.

The entire report can be read HERE.

DNI, Dan Coats, threat assessment


LIBERAL EXTREMISM – There continues to be more evidence that the extreme left-wing of the Progressive movement is increasing its hateful rhetoric and violent tendencies.  Videos are being published all over the Internet with self-proclaimed anti-fascist “fighters” arming themselves getting ready for war. While a large majority of these individuals appear totally inept the trend is concerning nonetheless.

Antifa, radical, extremist, Liberal, communist, terrorism

WHAT TO DO – While there is little we can do to when it comes to International tensions and conflict our immediate property, community, and space around us are all well within our realm of influence. Continue to prepare on a personal level with an emphasis on the basics  – food, water, defense, medical, shelter. If you are a freedom-loving Patriot expressing your political beliefs keep your head on a swivel. Situational awareness is key.

Above it all – enjoy life and experience adventure and freedom. Don’t let the news headlines and concerns become overwhelming.



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