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Powers out. The suns going down. Temperatures are dropping. The zombies are…..OK, I’m getting carried away. Lighting when the powers out is not a very popular topic. Beyond flashlights, candles and oil lamps are mentioned frequently. A more modern alternative to candles and oil lamps are LED USB lights. These are small LED lights that plug into any USB port. As soon as I saw them I thought of seeing how they will work on a portable power bank.

I have numerous portable power banks. They really come in handy when regular charging methods are not available.

After receiving three of the LED USB lights from I did a little testing. At about $3.00 each these are easy on the wallet.

Above: LED USB Light with 3000mAh portable power bank


Above: Here’s a pic during the day to better see the setup.


Above: Back patio with a small amount of light coming from the kitchen.

Below: LED USB light turned on. Picture doesn’t do it justice as to how much it lights up the area.


Above: View from the backside after I turned it around. That fence line and those propane tanks are about 30 feet away.


Based on my calculations a 10,000mAh power bank – such as this one – will run the USB light for over 40 hours. This is significant. Sips power.

These can be used to walk around with or position in a house to light up an entire room or area. In fact, a good part of a campsite could be illuminated enough to walk around and check for the occasional bigfoot or zombie.

LED USB lights – $3 each. Not bad. Think I will order a few more.




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