Secondary sources of income

For most people the loss of a job is devastating. In today’s economy finding a job paying the same amount of money or close can be very difficult. Many people have multiple streams of income – just in case.  I know a few that have second jobs, or side businesses.

Multiple streams of income is something I have been thinking about. My father dies 1 year before retiring. He worked his whole life with anticipation of retiring in New Bern, NC. He wanted to live out his Golden Years on a sailboat with my mother. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and died 1 year later never knowing the freedom of retirement or feeling the waves under him on that sailboat.

That was over 20 years ago.


Today as I get older I think about what the future holds and I do not want that same thing to happen to me. Is there a way to “retire” early or take a break from working in order to live life and experience that freedom at a younger age?

I’m thinking of developing a 5 year plan. The goal would be to be in a position to stop my normal job and “work” minimal hours taking care of my secondary sources of income. Of course 5 years from now we might be in the midst of an economic collapse or zombie apocalypse.

Hmmmm…..what could I put in place to make this happen? If it was easy everyone would do it.



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A New Knife Recommendation – CURRENTLY TESTING

I received the HX Outdoors Survival Knife a couple weeks ago and in the midst of evaluating. I can tell you this is the sharpest knife I have ever had EXCEPT for a Cold Steel Recon Tanto I owned back in the late 80’s. This thing came SHARP.


Here are a few of the features:

D2 coated blade and Kydex sheath, more durable, wear-resistance
G10 material handle
Tail hammer will help you break the window or hammer
Two holes of the handle make it easy to make into the spear
Detachable magnesium rod for firestarting
Built in diamond sharpener on sheath




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