Saturday’s – “What’s on your mind?”

Here is a place to share things you’ve been thinking about lately. What kind of things?

  • Recent accomplishments in preparedness.
  • Projects being worked on.
  • Thoughts on world events.
  • Recent purchases & recommendations
  • Current events related to politics, terrorism, crime – whatever.
  • Go on an adventure or have fun? Share it!
  • Whatever is on your mind….

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My turn…..

Henry Survival Rifle: Picked up a brand new AR-7 Survival Rifle this week. I had a Charter Arms AR-7 back in the 80’s and it was one of my very first guns. Loved it. Fast forward to 2012 I received a Henry Survival and was very pleased with the modern updates they did to the design. As we do at times I sold it and have regretted it ever since. So – got a new one this week and am looking forward to having some fun.

Retreat: The storage shed has been completed at the retreat. Next step is loading up a trailer or two and moving supplies there. Communications system revolving around CB and 2-meter ham radio. Antenna’s are up and contacts covering several counties have been made. Some simplex range testing with handhelds coming up.

Graduation: My son did not make it to graduation. He has 1 credit to make up and starts a summer session June 12th. Hopefully, he can complete all work within 2 weeks and get his diploma.

Power Banks/Chargers: I have a fascination with portable battery/power banks. Not sure what it is but I have at least a dozen of these and they have saved the day numerous times when on trips or for some reason I can’t charge my cell phone or tablet.

I have been using two KMASHI 10,000mAh Portable Power Banks for over a year and they are still going strong.

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Your turn……


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