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My turn…..

Guns, Ammunition – Walking through a few local shops I cannot help but get the feeling that I’m going to look back at this moment in time – at some point in the future – and think, “Why didn’t I stock up more and take advantage of these low prices?”  While there seems to be very little likelihood of any kind of significant gun control or ammunition/magazine shortage it was really not that long ago when supplies were short and everything was expensive. I kicked myself back then for not having more.

Trump: The sometimes ridiculous Tweets made by Trump and the shake-ups in the White House are not good for this Administration – nor the positive movement of “draining the swamp”. While I fully realize this Administration is quite different than any other and outside the mainstream political beltway it distracts from what is important. Also – the RINO’s in Congress who are standing in the way of what they were voted in to do are certainly not holding true to what the voters want.

.300 Blackout: I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never own a .300 Blackout. While I understand the need for various calibers with different ballistics the risk involved in mixing two calibers within the same magazine and firing systems is just not worth it. No criticism for anyone else who likes it.

The “Elite” are Preparing: I’ve seen these kinds of headlines for years and used to take not. Now? It seems like more of a recycled headline to grab attention. Wait – is that what I just did?


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