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Here is a place to share things you’ve been thinking about lately. What kind of things?

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  • Whatever is on your mind….

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My turn…..

This has been a crazy week. Way more happened than I needed and unfortunately not all good. I am sooo glad the weekend is here.

Spent some time cleaning guns this week. They were not terribly bad but overdue. I love Gun Scrubber to get the entire process done quickly. Not the cheapest quick clean but it beats the dishwasher.

Google+: I’ve never been much for the social media platform “Google+”. Had a buddy of mine at work tell me he really loved it and hardly used Facebook anymore. I decided to check it out since I haven’t messed with my account in quite some time. Impressed. I am definitely going to spend a little more time there. If you are a user my Google+ address is:

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Project Cherokee: The old Jeep Cherokee I bought for my 14-year-old has had a few more rust spots sanded and primed – and we actually started it the other day. On the project list is a new battery. Summertime money is always tight so I anticipate getting a decent amount of work done this Fall – when the weather cools down some.


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Your turn……



Want to help support what we do here at Follow any link from this website to Amazon, make a purchase, and we receive a small commision at no additional cost to you. Zero. Nada.

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