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“So, what’s your SHTF gun?”

This might be a question you hear from a fellow prepper sorta like – “What do you do for work?”, at a neighborhood cookout.  Like choosing a car, firearms are highly personal and there is no perfect gun or guns for everyone.  I’ve owned many firearms in my 47 years and can tell you that my “SHTF gun” changes from time to time.

Right now my current “kit” is based on an AR-variant and the S&W M&P9 9mm pistol.

Let’s start with my AR. This is not an off-the-shelf AR. I built it. I used a Mid State Firearms 10.5 upper and melonite BCG. It has performed flawlessly and although the barrel is only 10.5″ it has been extremely accurate. The Mid State upper is mounted atop a New Frontier Armory billet lower.  A Shockwave AR pistol stabilizer and Hypertouch EDT trigger group round out the major parts list.  I’ve run a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot on top. Notice that little piece of duct tape? Extra CR2032 battery for the TRS-25 sits underneath.

The end result of this build is a medium-weight, rugged, accurate, and reliable weapon. Did I mention it is compact? 29.5″ long and moving the stock would decrease that further.

Here are a few pictures:

preparedness, prepper, AR-15, SHTF, go to gun,


preparedness, prepper, AR-15, SHTF, go to gun,


I’ve been asked many times what the best SHTF gun is. Nowadays my answer is – “The one you have with you when you need one.”



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