Review: Convoy L6 3800 Lumen Flashlight

If you are a flashlight junkie you may want to move on to another post or go rearrange your sock drawer. This quick review of the Convoy L6 3800 Lumen flashlight is going to highlight the many pro’s to this incredibly powerful flashlight as well as a few con’s – and you’re going to want one.

A few specs:

● Cool white 6000-6500K and neutral white 5000K are available
● Die-cast unibody construction, ensuring that heat is delivered evenly and rapidly
● CREE XHP70 N4 LED (soldered on 20mm copper plate), with a maximum output of 3800Lm
● Instant strobe: Double click side switch to activate hidden strobe mode
● 4 brightness levels: Low 50mA – mid 200mA – high 1700mA – turbo 5000mA
● Dual switch: Tail switch (125V 10A) to turn on / off the light, side switch to select mode
● Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 standard
● Orange peel reflector (Max.D 67.8mm x H 48.2mm) offers a smooth and flood beam
● Anti-roll rugged design with detachable tactical ring
● Runs on 2pcs protected 26650 batteries that can withstand more than 6A current (not included)



The picture above shows how the flashlight came packaged. Very well protected and there was foam covering the top as well. Nice box.


Construction/Build Quality:

I have never had a Convoy flashlight before. In fact I have never heard of the brand. One thing I have come to realize is there is an entire market outside of the United States of high quality phones, flashlights, and other electronics. Just because I am not familiar here in the states it doesn’t mean that the item is not of excellent quality. So far – the Convoy seems to be built extremely well.

The grip is easy to hold and for a flashlight this size easy to handle and swing around. The glass lens is crystal clear and LED centered.

This thing looks like it was built in the same factory as a tank. In a word: solid.




The Convoy L6 is powered by 2 26650 lithium-ion batteries. This is a very odd size for most of us however purchasing these types of flashlights provides this situation. Batteries and chargers are available from as well as Amazon.



There were no instructions included with the light. The flashlight is turned on and off via the tail cap switch. The modes are changed using the body switch. I prefer body switches for on and off and modes but it works fine. I have stated a million times – I hate strobes and I prefer as few modes as possible with ON and OFF desirable. With a flashlight this bright I do see the benefit of lower power modes as this thing throwing light at full power on a wall close up is blinding.


The Convoy throws out an extremely clean and consistent light. Unlike with other lights where depending on the distance and brightness level shadows and dark/bright spots can be visible – the Convoy is smooth all the way through.

Performance pictures below are all taken at Full Power Turbo. Although I do not care for multiple modes in a light the 4 modes are spread out pretty evenly for different applications(map reading, search & rescue, walking, hiking, camping, searching for Pokemon….etc.


Above: House is approx 50 yards away. The light on the right side of the picture is actually a reflection in a window of a porch light across the street.

Below: Picture doesn’t do the amount of illumination justice. The brightness and amount of area illuminated is incredible. This is not a “spotlight” in design however even with the amount of flood it is super bright.


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


Above: This house is approx 100 yards away and has an outside motion-activated security light that apparently has detected a zombie walking by.

Below: Almost the entire front yard, front and side of the house are lit up. If the tree wasn’t in the way the house to the left would also have been it up. Extreme brightness.


Final Thoughts:

I am very happy with the L6. Easy to use and super bright. The super bright 4th mode – turbo – is not meant to be left on for extended periods due to the amount of heat generated. I had it on for no more than 5-8 minutes and could feel some heat being generated.

The Convoy L6 has a definite place in most any preppers inventory. It has its pro’s and con’s but if you want to light up an area – and I mean really light it up – this will do the trick. It is inexpensive, high quality, and rugged.

If looking for a light as I have described then look no further.

For more information follow this link.




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