Retreat Update

No good news. The area which I have been looking at land has zoning laws which prevent a retreat in the manner I want from being built. This area has some of the cheapest land around. It is also one of the most unpopulated counties within a reasonable drive from my house. One of my fellow group members also lives in the same county.

Here is the deal: The zoning for the entire county will NOT allow a shed or a camper to be placed on land without a residence. The zoning laws are set up specifically against the “tiny house” trend and to prevent land from being inhabited via inexpensive housing.

I can understand to a certain point the need to protect property values. I was aware of counties who no longer allow singlewide trailers but what happened to land ownership? When I told my group members about one of them just could not believe it. Do we own anything anymore? I look at it that we don’t own land we lease it from the government. Try not paying taxes and see what happens. Same goes for vehicles.

I have searched surrounding counties and the cost of the land isn’t in line with my project. Not giving up quite yet. I will keep looking.

Alternative?  My plan has always been to bug in during a situation. In case the need to relocate comes up a “bug out trailer” is my next option. So right now I am looking at the specific design for the trailer as well as making sure it fits within the towing capacity of my Jeep. Of course it needs to fit within my budget as well.

Here are a few ideas:


One might suggest that loading up a bug out trailer with supplies and heading out creates a refugee situation. Not in my case. I have group members my family can meet up with. Worse case my brothers place in Georgia could be a destination depending on situation.

Like I said my plan is to remain in my house and in my community pretty much regardless of the situation. Always have to have a backup plan, right? Thus – the bug out trailer.

So – I am sourcing a used 5′ x 10′ enclosed cargo trailer right now.

Updates coming.



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Want to help support what we do here at Follow any link from this website to Amazon, make a purchase, and we receive a small commision at no additional cost to you. Zero. Nada.

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