Recipe: Turkey SPAM and Potatoes

What foods to store in a food storage program is a popular topic – but what about making meals from that food? Not so much.

For this week’s recipe, I put together something a little different – Turkey SPAM & Canned Potatoes. SPAM is often considered a joke when it comes to food storage but the truth is it is a viable source of sustenance. As a kid, I used to eat it on a regular basis thinking it came from small SPAM animals that were raised on a farm somewhere. I liked it but once I controlled what I ate I moved on to other things like……cake. Cake is good.

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Not knowing how well I would like SPAM some 30 years later I grabbed a can of Tukey SPAM. Out to the grill with a cast iron pan and a can of potatoes.

Here we go…..


  • 1 can Turkey SPAM(say that 10 times real fast)
  • 1 can Whole Potatoes
  • salt, pepper, seasoning as desired


  • Apply non-stick spray to frying pan or use a seasoned cast iron pan
  • Set temperature to medium to medium-high
  • Open the SPAM, cut into cubes or slices – place in frying pan
  • Open can of potatoes, drain excess fluid – empty into frying pan
  • Cook until browning has occurred on most pieces of SPAM and potatoes.
  • Apply seasoning when food is almost complete.
  • Turn SPAM and stir potatoes every few minutes until done.
  • Serve and enjoy

While this may not be the most delectable meal, however, I was surprised at just how good the SPAM was. Very good. I could imagine coming in from a cold winter patrol and absolutely loving this meal.

At 655 calories(50+ grams of protein) this is very filling for one but could be split between two people as well.

[TOP – Fresh on the grill]


[TOP – Turned and Stirred – Pepper Added]




Canned SPAM is an excellent source of protein with a long shelf life – and fairly inexpensive. In this specific meal a simple can of potatoes and can of SPAMmakes for a pretty tasty meal.

Now….where’s that cake at?



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