Small Buried Cache

For a variety of reasons people look to bury supplies. These reasons vary from security to pre-positioned supplies along a planned travel path. Caches can be buried or even stashed at a friends house. These caches can contain a massive amount of supplies or just a few small items. That’s the beauty of it – you can customize a cache to be whatever you want it to be.

The following example is a small cache using a MTM Survivor Cache.




Taurus G2 9mm pistol

2- 12 round magazines

100 rds. 9mm ammunition


extra batteries


bottle of Rem-Oil gun lubricant


Bic Lighter


small first aid kit

*******NOTE: Each item is individually bagged and all metal well oiled

This cache just as well could have been made with a more durable container such as a .50 caliber military ammo can. Most would agree that using a plastic case such as the MTM Survivor raises the risk of damage from water and pests although it is extremely rugged.

This is merely an example of a cache. The combinations of container and ingredients are endless.

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