Building a Firestarting Tube Storage Device

Seems, since I don’t carry everything I need to start a fire in my pocket, I always have to dig around to find where I put my dry tinder, matches, lighter, etc.  Now, using 1” PVC pipe with caps has really simplified my access.  I currently have made 6” in length pipes that will hold a Bic butane lighter, 6 birthday candles, 6 waterproof matches, 2 WetFire tablets, and quite a bit of dryer lint.  Sure, I could put fewer items in, but if it’s cold and I’m wet, I need a fire ASAP.  These can easily fit in my back pocket while hiking and I also keep one in my vehicle and assorted BOBs.  The pipes can be cut longer if you want to add more, but in trying to keep the weight down and be convenient to carry, I’ve stuck with the 6”.  Did I mention they are waterproof and will float if dropped in the river?  Having dry tinder is a must if it’s raining.  If you want to go for something larger and waterproof, then the Welding Rod storage containers at Harbor Freight Tools is your next best bet.  Less than $5 and they are waterproof.  Belt clip included.


Give some thought into using these types of storage tubes for many other type items.  Fishing gear, food spices, soap shavings, honey sticks, etc.  Some I have screwed metal eyes into them so they can be hung by rope/twine from my pack.  Labeling them enables me to find which one I need easily.  For OPSEC they can be painted or wrapped with Duct Tape.

Zip Lock bags will leak and are not as durable as PVC.  With all the different sizes and lengths of PVC, why use anything else?

Methane Creator


Knife Recommendation –

I received the HX Outdoors Survival Knife months ago and have been impressed with it ever since. I can tell you this is the sharpest knife I have ever had EXCEPT for a Cold Steel Recon Tanto I owned back in the late 80’s. This thing came SHARP.


Here are a few of the features:

D2 coated blade and Kydex sheath, more durable, wear-resistance
G10 material handle
Tail hammer will help you break the window or hammer
Two holes of the handle make it easy to make into the spear
Detachable magnesium rod for firestarting
Built in diamond sharpener on sheath