Bug Out Trailer

A major goal in my preparedness efforts is to develop a bug out trailer. The purpose of this bug out trailer will be to take to a retreat out in the country away from heavily populated areas. I have more than one retreat location – owned by fellow group members or family. With the direction this country is heading there is a real possibility of some form of collapse. This collapse could develop in several different ways from a variety of circumstances. Regardless of the specifics getting out of the city into a more private and isolated place will bode well when the “S” hits the fan.

The following are some example content categories to be considered:

  • solar power
  • food
  • water
  • sanitation
  • communication
  • defense
  • equipment storage
  • security

I am hopeful by the end of Fall 2016 the trailer will be completed.



Purchased this old military trailer off Craigslist. I would consider the condition to be fair. Tires are very good. Hitch and tire well fenders among other things modified from original condition. Rear wall had been removed completely and a small tailgate installed. Several coats of paint have been applied over the years with much of it flaking off exposing some rust underneath. Owner I purchased the trailer from used it to transport canoes thus the rails mounted front and back.



First modification. Tail end getting ready for new tail gate. Larger surface area installed to provide mating surface for the gate to connect with. Much better than the thin walls just coming to an end there. This new end frame much more stable and structurally sound.



Tailgate installed. Lowering gate will provide option of accessing internals via end without raising the planned top. Considering mounting a shelf on a sliding track that can be pulled out of the trailer.

More to come………