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Hope this finds everyone safe and secure.

Hurricane Matthew has wreaked havoc along the southeastern coast of the United States. I frequent Myrtle Beach a few times per year and right where I was standing not two weeks ago has been destroyed. Piers I have walked down and fished are gone. They are washed away into the salty abyss. Reports are still coming in regarding the loss of life. I can only pray the loss is extremely minute.

I am over 3 hours away from the coast. We received a substantial amount of rain and a few gusts. Really not too bad though there were many trees that fell and drains clogged causing street flooding. Nothing compared to Hugo who marched inland and left tremendous destruction.

I was recently asked about steps t take when a hurricane is coming. My advice? Get out. If there is any serious threat then get out and get inland away from that threat.


This week I continued testing my newest acquisition – a Ruger 22/45 Lite along with an AAC Aviator 2 suppressor.


Awesome piece of armament. Fun to shoot and a valuable tool.


Food Storage: Added a few things to stockpile. Mylar packed 20 pounds of sugar and went to the local Aldi’s and bought several cases of canned goods. Also just placed an order through Emergency Essentials taking advantage of their massive Mountain House freeze dried food sale.

Picked up a couple of boxes of .308 and .243 for the bolt actions. I really like my son’s Mossberg Patriot in .243.

lineBeen looking at building a house out in the country. I worked up a preliminary floor plan.

Here you go…..



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