What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

The most major accomplishment this week was a “Tactical Response” class I attended with Prepper Ralph(my co-host on The Patriot Podcast). This class was offered by Wolf-Fire Firearms based in Mooresville, NC. The class was held Saturday. Weather was extremely hot (over 90 degrees) and humidity was high.

Four people total took the class. Safety was always emphasized. Rules were in place where firearms were kept between sessions. Shooting using different grips, stances, while moving, behind cover, etc. was covered.

Below is a clip of myself running up to engage a threat located on the other side of the barrels. I had to shoot around the left side single-handed which is not my forte but I did well.

I had a great time and instructor David Stutts is informative, patient, and thorough.

I was very happy with my performance. Hits on target were consistent. I feel my skill has progressed and my overall comfort with my firearms – especially the carbine – is getting closer to where I want it.

Also during the week I did a thorough cleaning on all my guns. It was long overdue.

So – what have you done this past week?




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