What did you do to prep this past week?

Hope everyone had a great week. Weather in my area was fantastic nearing 80 degrees in Saturday. Have some definite prepping plans this week.

Here is what I have accomplished this past week:

  • Picked up a couple sets of Maglite flashlight holders. These can allow D Cell Maglites to be mounted pretty much anywhere. I plan to use one set in my Jeep.
  • Purchased the book Detriment(Lost Nation). Looks interesting. The Kindle version is only $2.99.
  • Ordered a box of 12 Tenergy CR123 lithium ion batteries. So much cheaper than in the store.
  • Bought a box of Independence 115-grain 9mm JHP rounds at Cabela’s for $14.99.
  • Did some supplies organization in my garage.
  • Worked on my kit – load bearing vest for an upcoming carbine/pistol class I am taking. The rest of the group I am in will be taking the class as well. Important for a group to train together. Also have been putting together a battle belt but ran into a snag. I shoot rifle left handed and pistol right handed. On the belt the AR magazines go on my right hip. With a 3 magazine pouch system there is no room for a pistol holster. Maybe I will drop it down onto my leg. Blackhawk looks to make what appears to be a very secure leg holster.

So – what have you done this past week?

Your turn!





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