Are North Korean Satellite’s an EMP Threat?


The following was originally posted June 22nd, 2106. It is just as relevant today – and slightly edited for current publication.

North Korea now has two orbiting satellites that periodically pass above the United States. Many are concerned that one or both of these satellites could contain a nuclear weapon. Is it possible? Could North Korea in an act of insanity launch a nuclear weapon from one of these satellites and detonate it high above the United States? This is the EMP nightmare that many of us dread.

It is uncertainty that motivates many of us into taking action to prepare for whatever awaits us in the future. These satellites are just another item to add to the possibility list. With the recent threats against the United States from North Korea and their continued nuclear weapon technology progression the threat is growing.

Lot’s of information out there on EMP preparation and much of it follows common sense preps. Beans, bullets, and band-aids lead the pack. Protecting some electronic equipment such as radio’s requires some specific steps.

Curious where these satellites are right now?

KMS 3-2 Map

KMS-4 Map

How real is the threat?  We – that means you and me – have no idea.



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