What makes you feel alive?


As I have mentioned previously 1776PatriotUSA.com is more than just current events, preparedness and all things SHTF. As individuals with limited existence on this planet and preppers who wish to stick around as long as possible wouldn’t it be great to truly enjoy life? I mean – life is full of up and downs but how many of us travel through life with blinders on and not seeing that which will really make us feel alive?

At 47 I would never proclaim to have all the answers however I will share a bit of wisdom I have managed to acquire along the way.

Here we go…..

GET OUTSIDE. For many of us today’s modern world filled with every gadget imaginable and where most any bit of information is at your fingertips it is easy to miss the beautiful environment around us. Most anywhere in this country, a lake, pond, hiking trails, vineyard, apple orchard, or state park is within miles. Sometimes getting outside and enjoying nature will create a state of relaxation unlike most anything else. It’s also all in high-definition without the expensive electronics.

EXERCISE. Get out there and get the heart pumping and the sweat pouring. People that live sedentary lifestyles often miss out that feeling of being alive. They rarely feel their heart pumping blood through their veins and the high from surging adrenaline.

WATCH A SCARY MOVIE. Seriously. Pop some popcorn, shut the lights out and turn on Paranormal Activities. If you get into the movie you WILL feel alive. Just do me a favor – keep the 1911 filled with 185 grain jacketed hollow points in the safe. You don’t want to have to explain why there are bullet holes in your TV.

TAKE A COLD SHOWER. Want to feel alive? Jump in the shower with the water ice cold. Brrrrrrr……

GET A DOG. I was a cat guy for way too long. Cat’s are cool but dogs are best friends. Yeah – get a dog – or twelve.

HELP A STRANGER. I had a situation that made me feel extremely emotional – and very much alive. I didn’t set out to do this but it just kind of happened. I was in a Cracker Barrel with a few friends of mine. I noticed a large multi-family table with a young bald girl(cancer treatments) sitting there with her mother. This was right next to Carowinds – a giant theme park. I figured they had brought the girl there trying to get HER to feel ALIVE. I felt horrible. What did I have to stress about compared to this family who was facing the loss of their daughter? How about this young girl who likely wondered how much time she had left?

I went and saw the manager and told him I wanted to pay the families bill. He asked if it was OK to tell them and I said no. I wasn’t doing it for recognition. I went back to my seat with my friends. A few minutes later the manager went over and I could tell he was telling the mother their bill was taken care of. She started crying.

I felt horrible at the time but also very much alive. I still think of that little girl every so often.

DO WHAT YOU TRULY ENJOY. This may sound like an easy one but far too often we make excuses why we do not do the things we want to. Sometimes money is the cause but then $6 bucks a pop are blown at Starbucks on coffee. Sometimes it is a fear of embarrassment that stops you from doing what you truly enjoy. Unfortunately, it may be an unsupportive spouse as well. Hey – if you want to go ballroom dancing or do stand-up comedy at the local club the only one stopping you is you.

These are but a few suggestions and just like we all have favorite foods and cars what makes us feel alive is very unique to each of us. Do I practice what I preach? Not nearly enough.

So – what makes me feel alive? Here are a few:

  • firearm training
  • off-roading on an ATV
  • fishing
  • hunting
  • going to church
  • sparring
  • working out
  • jamming to country music while driving down the road
  • going to the movies
  • showing my kids just how brilliant I am

Ok, how about you? What makes you feel alive?


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