Happy Thanksgiving!!


First off, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. With all the craziness going on in the world I am quite certain that most of us have a lot to be thankful for.

I remember learning about Thanksgiving when I was a kid. I imagined pilgrims and Indians sitting together eating a big turkey and having some stuffing. Hey – maybe some apple pie and ice cream. Lol. Years later I realized that the typical story told to kids was at a minimum a detour around reality.

Back in 2010, I listened to a podcast from Jason Akers. He describes how he envisions the first Thanksgiving. Although his website is no longer active the podcast is available as an mp3 below.

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I’ve heard from a few that they really appreciated the sale going on below. The Wertz canned meats, in particular, are an attractive item. 25+ year shelf life – this makes adding protein to the prepper’s pantry a whole lot easier.

I worked with the folks at EasyPrepper.net to get members here 30% OFF on some pretty unique products. Simply follow the link below and use promo code “1776” to get the discount.

The discount ONLY works on the following:

All Wertz Canned Meat
All Grayl Water Filters
All Easyprepper Gear
All Sasquatch Fuel Food
All Good To-Go Food

So – use their search function to search for these brands and take advantage of this special deal. Valid through November 30th.


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I’ve been developing a bit of a knife fetish over the last year. Some time back I reviewed the HX Survival Knife. Although it is a bit scratched up and has a few marks on it the HX continues to impress. The kydex-like sheath still holds the knife very well with an audible “click” when it is locked in place. The blade is D2 steel which is kinda like a “semi-stainless”. It holds an edge well but not as well as a good carbon steel. It is more rust resistant so it’s a trade-off. The built-in ferro rod that rests in the sheath still rides there and is seriously worn from use. For $45 it is a heck of a knife. I just looked and saw it is on sale for $34.55 until around Thursday night at midnight.

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Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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