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Here is another installment of “From the Front Lines”. Basically a collection of random thoughts related to preparedness, current events, and whatever else that’s on my mind.

Been a very busy week. My oldest started his first real job. He is not driving yet so shuffling him around. He also has a math tutor twice per week that I hired so have to take him to that as well. My youngest started track at school in addition to the competitive dance team he is on he is constantly being taken from here to there and then over there. Was called into work a couple times at night. Just been very busy. Notice not a whole lot mentioned of prepping.

I have managed to work a bit on the podcast. I have installed the needed software on a laptop and messed around with the settings and recorded a few trial runs. So far so good. The podcast is going to be co-hosted with “Prepper Ralph” and we have a meeting either this weekend or one night early next week. We are planning to record the first episode next weekend. When will it go live? Good question. I am learning about this as I go along so not sure how long it will take to get up on iTunes. It should be up first on the website for listening. Visit to sign up for notifications.

There is a Cabela’s approx. 1/4 mile from my job. Very convenient. I go over there for lunch every so often. When they have sales some of their prices are very good. Lately I have been picking up some ammunition due to sale prices. They have a Springfield XD Mod 2 9mm I am drooling over. Probably the most comfortable pistol i have every held. Guess that is why they make so many different guns  – like cars – so everyone can find one that is just right for them. The Mod 2 might be just right for me.  If I were to get it I need to get rid of something else to help finance it.

Post-SHTF commo – texting Sat phones. I have noticed for a few hundred dollars texting Sat “phones” can be purchased. These seem like a very good choice for disaster communications. I question how long the communications would remain active after a collapse of some sort if the monitoring company is no longer in operation. I am not worried about the government shutting the satellites down. I’m concerned if the satellite communications company closed their doors of the devices would continue to work – at least for awhile.


Have a good weekend everyone!





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