From the Desk of John Rourke – November 4th, 2016

Springfield Armory has released their version of the AR-15 – the “Saint”. I got a chance to lay my hands on it in a non-shooting inspection and handling session. I like it. A lot. At the street price of around $869 it is not super inexpensive nor out of reach for most. I have a couple of priorities I MUST take care of first – then I may pick one up.

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The amount of information flowing regarding the FBI, Hillary Clinton, emails, the Foundation – and the Justice Department is just overwhelming. It appears the evidence is tremendous that Hillary is guilty of…..something. Will she ever be charged or will this be enough to keep her out of the White House? I suspect Obama will provide a blanket pardon when he leaves office. Will she still win? I believe it is almost guaranteed.

Yeah – I’m being a “Negative Nancy” I know. Call it conspiracy but I think the fix is in. The tens of thousands of people attending rallies. The record setting primary vote. The amount of Trump-Pence signs all over America.  The number of people who never vote but are invigorated to do so due to Trump. Yeah – if Trump loses the fix is in.

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By the way I voted yesterday. I actually flt extremely proud making my selection. SOmething different this time around.


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Have a great weekend everyone! Going to be an interesting week upcoming.













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