From the Desk of John Rourke – November 2nd, 2016

I caught myself recently telling a friend that I just could not understand why a carbine such as the old Marlin Camp 9 was not made today. I mean – Ruger made a 9mm carbine and others have. Some were ridiculously expensive but I am looking for something like the Camp 9 – reasonably priced.

Then it hit me – the Hi Point 9mm carbine. Hell – I even have one that I picked up cheap via private sale. Brand new under $300 it certainly is an answer for those asking the right question.

I still miss my Camp 9.

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“Give the laziest man the hardest job he’ll find the easiest way to do it.”

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This day in 1755 – 70,000 people were killed due to an earthquake and resulting tsunami in Lisbon. Also November 2nd, 1765 the first direct tax was levied on the American people. There has been a steady increase in taxes ever since.

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“Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean you’re wrong.”

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Leaving Magazines Loaded: Often a topic that creates heated arguments is whether to leve magazines loaded or unloaded over the “long term”. There is the key, isn’t it? What is “long term” to one person may not be to another. Here is my bottom line:

“If they must be loaded leave them loaded for as short of time as possible.”

If a box of magazines is stuck up on a shelf to sit and gather dust for a few years why load them? If a vest hangs in the corner ready-to-go in a moment’s notice load ’em up but regular practice should allow some rotation.

If one truly feels the need to load up a hundred magazines and store them away for years to come in ammo boxes real-world evidence shows they SHOULD function fine. Understanding that metal fatigue does occur EVENTUALLY regardless of the spring type I don’t see the reason to take the risk.


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