From the Desk of John Rourke – November 10th, 2016

The shock from the election is still with me. I took Wednesday off as I expected Hillary to win and with that knowledge I wanted to reflect on what it all would mean. I really didn’t know what to do with myself other than watch the news and take it all in.

Reading the comments from yesterday I agree with a point made – the fight for this country is far from over. I am very active on Instagram and the response from Liberals and #NeverTrump people is disappointing – and telling.


I posted the following……

“America has spoken. Regardless of our differences lets come together as Americans and become that great country that saved the world from evil multiple times and be that shining beacon of freedom and democracy we once were.”

Here are a few responses:

“U people loving trump started a world war 3 and minority wise we are screwed”

“Saved the world from evil?! HAH please, you created the evil in the world , tou destroyed many countrys .. you an you…”

“Funny – Trump and Hitler have the same policies.”

“Don’t worry – someone will take him out.”

“F**k you!!!!”

“You are the reason why there should be some kind of test to be able to vote. Only an idiot would vote for evil like Trump.”

“The Democrats in Congress will do everything they can to stop Trump from changing anything.”

There were several more I deleted and blocked the people due to their extreme vile and hateful words. There have been lots of positive comments as well however these negative ones in response specifically to what I wrote is concerning. From a preparedness perspective and a look at the “revolution of change” that Trump wants – it is not going to met with open arms from the Liberal left. No – they will do everything they can to impede progress, create stagnation, and make Trump look bad so he can be replaced in 2020.

Folks – these upcoming times could be very trying and dangerous. Trump is not a miracle worker and he does not have all the answers. His election to the Presidency certainly should not stop people from prepping. We have foreign enemies and domestic ones that could create turmoil and change the way we live our lives.

Regardless of those on the Left and their twisted perspective and the complete lack of true honest media reporting I have hope. It has been a long time – but it’s there.




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