From the Desk of John Rourke – March 3rd, 2017


Going to do some work in the garden this weekend. Some may remember that I lost a lot of top soil and production last summer was about nothing. I’ve started building raised beds and also going to have a section in ground.

Around my parts seeds can go in the ground as early as the beginning of April – sometimes sooner. Typically I grow a combination of seeds and transplants – and plant every week throughout April. If a frost comes along mid-April I risk part of my plantings rather than everything. That timed planting extends the growing season as well.

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I would like to find an older Panasonic Toughbook computer. These are hardened laptops built to be extremely durable for the military. They’re also fairly expensive.

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One of the most common self defense objects often just lying around is the lowly – stick. I studied Filipino Balintawak stickfighting for over 12 years. I have not attended classes in a little over a year but still dabble here and there. While there are a lot of flashy moves and cool techniques much of what is taught prepares the student for extreme speed in both defense and offense = as well as quick reflexes.

Something else many who have seen stickfighting material arts is that most all techniques can be done empty handed.

I’d love to get back into it.  I have tried teaching a couple friends but finding someone to make that commitment is not easy.

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I started reading 299 Days again. This will be for the third time. Book 1 is a bit on the boring side starting out but by Chapter 9 it starts getting good. One of the most realistic prepper-fiction books I have ever read.

The audio version of 299 Days book 1 is only $1.99 as of this writing.

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Have a great weekend!!!

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