From the Desk of John Rourke – January 6th, 2017


Tensions continue to build between the US and Russia. Hopefully things will cool down soon.

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I never carry or wear a watch. Primarily due to always having my phone with me. None of my kits/packs have a watch either. Need to correct this. I have an old Casio G-Shock with a broken strap around here somewhere.

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My area is supposed to get a few inches of snow tonight into Saturday. Needless to say people are freaking out over not much more than what would be called a dusting in some areas. Love me some snow. We rarely get any. Can’t wait.

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Pathetic the wave of actions the Obama administration is doing so close to the change in power. 4 dangerous detainees transferred from Gitmo. Special Forces sent overseas in response to Russian movements. Crazy. I am really curious to see the list of people that receive pardons on Obama’s way out.

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Jake the Beast!!!!


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Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



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