From the Desk of John Rourke – January 4th, 2017


A few days and the 2017 Gold’s Challenge begins. This is a contest to see who can have the largest transformation in health and fitness. I truly believe I can compete regionally if I stick to my diet plan and workouts.

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Chicago records 762 killings in 2017 – up 57%. This in a strict gun control region. There are certainly issues in Chicago and it is not as simple as removing the gun control restrictions to fix everything. There is a culture of violence and crime in Chicago that will take years with the right leadership to improve.

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Alex Jones – who I have a love-hate relationship with – is now on the bandwagon that Obama is planning something to stop Trump from taking office.  It’s these types of news stories and predictions that end up going unrealized that is frustrating. His followers seem to quickly forget as well.

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I’m really wanting to try out stippling. Stippling is generally the use of a soldering iron to burn small dimples/lines or some other pattern into polymer gun parts including grips and magazines. The reason for doing this is to improve the grip on these items. I have picked up a few custom stippled guns and was really impressed.

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Something for you……..image of the inside of my new gun cabinet.




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