From the Desk of John Rourke – January 10th, 2017



Interesting that there were several mainstream media outlets including CNN that edited pictures of Florida mass murderer and terrorist Esteban Santiago to remove his Muslim hand sign from pictures.

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Let me make this perfectly clear: Although I have promoted the purchase and use of steel case ammunition as a practice cost saving I do not promote their use in a defensive situation. Steel cased ammunition can provide for increased rounds and more training thus better preparation. They are certainly less reliable and somewhat less accurate than their brass-cased relatives. Steel cased = practice. Brass cased = reliability/performance.

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My 2017 Gold’s Gym Challenge start got delayed until yesterday due to weather. Spent Sunday prepping food for the week. I truly believe if I stick to my plan I can place. We’ll see. Any success is still success.

Great workout Monday and diet plan went well.

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Man get’s a ticket for warming up car in his own driveway.

This is government overreach at its best. Man leaves a car running on his own property and he gets a fine. Insanity.

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Picked up three more American Silver Eagle 1 ounce pieces. Folks over at eBay are offering some at very competitive prices. I haven’t posted the weekly “Prep’s This Week” in a bit. Ever since switching to Saturday’s I’ve struggled to remember. Hmmm……maybe another day or every couple weeks.

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