From the Desk of John Rourke – February 24th, 2017


People make mistakes. They make errors in judgement. People also change. 

On Facebook in the 1776PatriotUSA Group page a women – 55 years old – posted a question asking for advice:

It was recommended that I should post this question to the group here. What if you were convicted of a felony when younger, and cannot own firearms? When I was 20, I had a boyfriend that mugged a guy. When I refused to tell the police anything, I was also arrested and charged. So I cannot have firearms in the house. Or own any. What would you think would be the best alternative self-defense weapons? I was thinking about learning archery, and I have a slingshot that I practice with. What are the pros/cons of having a taser?

Tough situation and circumstance. Although it may be easy to say “well, that’s the price you pay” or “don’t care what the law is I’m gonna have a gun” she is trying to do the right thing and doesn’t want to end up back in jail.

Imagine yourself in her position. What options are available? I conducted some research and it’s not promising. Much of the information found was very dependent on State and local laws. In some areas felon’s cannot carry ANY weapon concealed. Knives are often restricted based on blade length. Some states restrict air gun ownership to felons. The options are very limited.

In several of my comments I mentioned – and it was taken just a bit wrong – the use of high end air soft as a deterrent. In no way am I recommending air soft as a self defense weapon. Many of these “toys” provide the appearance of real firearms. Imagine coming across a farm with several patrol’s walking a perimeter carrying AR-looking rifles. A deterrent? Yes. A weapon to defend the property. Not even close. A burglar getting hit with a full-auto barrage of pellets COULD persuade the invader to take off.

I would hate to be in a situation where air soft, a pellet gun, bow, or even black powder was my only options for self defense.



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